Be among the first to experience this immersive, multi-sensory professional development experience – activating imagination and empathy through song, mindful practice, exploration of data, brain science, cultural and global competence. Learn about positive approaches and transformative elements for building racial justice.

the big idea: diversity is Not the goal

Indeed, the plantation was diverse. The key to overcoming the diversity deception lies in building meaningful relationships, and in honoring the human spirit. The interactive workshop is meant unlock the mindsets and skillsets that help us go deeper than diversity.

In Deeper Than Diversity, a strong sense of unity is built during the session. Other take-aways you can expect include:

  • Draw wisdom from diverse sources, such as Native American and Eastern philosophy, to enhance appreciation of oneness, diversity and inclusion; and raise awareness of data describing realities of diversity. These sources, likewise, honor diverse learning styles.

  • Engage in honest discussion in a safe environment to experience breakthroughs in understanding peers and prevailing cultures.

  • Build active understanding of the Five Elements of relationship building: Frequency, Proximity, Reciprocity, Knowledge and Imagination.

  • Identify resources, allies and obstacles.

  • Activate imagination in dreaming up new models of cooperation, collaboration and culture.

  • Practice active reflection to aid planning, implementation.